Would You Sacrifice Yourself? In Soulfinity You Will

Thursday, November 15, 2012
By Chris Priestman


Bragging rights can be granted to Dojo Arcade since they won the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2011 but that doesn’t excuse them from committing to a lifetime of hard work. Of course, these four Masters students from the University of Glamorgan are quite aware of that and I should scald myself for even implying that they weren’t. That’s not going to happen. Instead, I’ll be taking it much further than that by sacrificing myself because “oh wot a terrible person I bloody am!”

Stop it you! Fancy catching me out again, you buggers, now I’m all embarrassed – of course I’m not going to kill myself, I’m merely trying to be smarmy and provide you with a silly segue. Now I’ve really screwed it up…where were we? Ah yes, SELF SACRIFICE! The bloody, soul-escaping kind as well; just how we like it. Soulfinity‘s main draw is a mechanic that involves the killing of yourself. However, it’s not so much a sacrifice as you’re then able to control your soul and manipulate multiple elements within an area to solve puzzles. It all gets quite confusing when you involve the rewinding of time and multiple deaths with several souls running about.

You may hope for things to make a little more sense upon reading into the game, but nope. Take this as a slap about your hopeful face – “featuring characters from Ancient Greek mythology but set in the distant future…the year 2394″.

Cheers for that Dojo. I’ll just go and lock my head in a vice and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

Cough. Oh I’m still here! Well call me Odysseus and send me on a trip to destroy the Titans, I’m immortal everybody! Oh no, wait, I was right. Dead as can be. But hey, it’s not like you folks aren’t used to a little bit of ghostwriting now, is it? Back to the matter at hand, things are cleared up a little in Soulfinity due to this mythological thread – you DO play Odysseus and you ARE sent on a trip to rid the world of the Titans. The Fates dictate this to you and for your treacherous trip you’re given the astounding ability to overcome death, hence all of the sacrificing lark. Read enough of my drivel? Yeah me too. Bring on the trailer!

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